Before first grade I went to what was known as the mentally handicapped school, but thanks to my mom she fought with the school board for me to attend regular school.  You see I had superpowers even back then that I didn’t realize, kind of like superman as a young boy did.  I tend to see everything backwards and recognize things that others didn’t see.  I never really gave it much thought but often times it was this edge that enabled me to anticipate the actions of my opponents whether it was on the football field or battlefields.   

Thank God to my mom for winning that fight for me.

Adversity would become part of my life from the very beginning and getting into regular school would just be one of many challenges I would overcome in my life.  What I didn’t know was it was just the beginning and I was strengthening the biggest muscle I had, my mind.  

After losing over 25 Marines to combat operations who were either mentors, close friends and Marines I served with the biggest fight for me would be an internal one, I didn’t even realize I had.  It wasn’t until listening to a Navy Seal friend of mine and hearing his story that it dawned on me of where all this pent up anger and sorrow was coming from.  He recommended another Marine Tom Kavanaugh to get some help.

Next thing I knew I was on a plane to California to see Tom to get help and change my life forever.  We bonded and he trained me over the next 3 years in everything he knew about helping people.  I learned these amazing skills to help serve my Marines and others that I would come in contact with because I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

One entrepreneur changed it all for me.

It was like a divine intervention had been scheduled and put me in the same place with this entrepreneur that was open to having me dive deep into his mind to see what had happened that was causing his life to be such a rollercoaster.  After finishing this destructive pattern that had haunted him his whole life in every area of happiness, health and wealth had shifted.  He no longer felt the emotional attachment to things that before would of drove him nuts.

He said to me I don’t know what else you are doing with your life but this is your calling, this is what you belong doing.  

I still wasn’t sure yet though so the next day when I went to church at the Naval Academy I prayed, “Lord just let me be a sheppard amongst your flock.”  Now whether you are religious or spiritual or not you can’t argue with the message that day from the pastor, “go forth and serve the Lord and he shall take care of you.”  It was at this point that I was hired by two entrepreneurs within the next 48 hours, which led to more and more.

That was Jan 2015 and I’ve been able to serve as a shepherd to over 100 extraordinary people that have not just transformed their lives but ecommerce communities, collegiate & professional sport teams and broadway symphony’s.  The numbers of lives who have been effected at this point I truly have lost track of but I know that as long as I continue to sow the good seed the harvest will continue to come.

My philosophy is to help the wounded sheepdogs get back into the fight so they can protect the sheep from the wolves that are out to take advantage of them in life.

It’s been the common theme through my whole life because I found myself never really fitting in with everyone else.  Growing up kids would make fun of me because the questions I asked in class or just not fitting in with anyone else.  People are scared of what they do not understand and like General Mathis said, “No better friend, no worse enemy” would be the theme for my life.

Charlie Persson the Football Head Coach of Jupiter High School described me to the Naval Academy Coach when he a came in to talk about what he thought of me as a player said, "Daryl is that guy nobody wants in practice because he only has one speed, but they all want him to show up Friday nights for the game."

You see the definition of war is two opposing wills facing off against each other and I found myself facing off quite often whether it was growing up on the playground, wrestling mat or football field, which would all prepare me for the battlefield.

After graduating from the US Naval Academy I found myself shortly leading my Marine Infantry platoon through the streets of downtown Baghdad in Iraq during combat operations.  It was there all the countless hours of training and leadership would kick into high gear.  I was just fortunate to be amongst some of the finest Marines and sailors that would become like family to me.  Having been blessed with valuable coaches, mentors and peers along my journey I would reflect often on how they would approach the situation I found myself in.

It’s taking these life lessons and skills that have transformed myself and others, I use today to help others reach the next level they are seeking to achieve.  

It was these differences that would make me more resilient and beat to the different drum today that have enabled me to help others around me transform their lives to the next level.  These once called  learning disabilities became my superpowers I use today to help some of the world's top minds reach their next level of success.





I believe that every business owner is capable of achieving their highest level of success without the struggle of the grind.


I believe your past doesn’t determine your future, it’s simply a map of where you’ve been. When you use the lessons you’ve learned, your past will propel you forward instead of chaining you down.


I believe that the experience of the entrepreneurial journey can shape you into becoming the best version of yourself in the process, if you let it.


I believe being an entrepreneur worth it is when you can achieve a balance of happiness, health, and wealth, otherwise why even do it in the first place?


I believe that a focused mind is the most powerful business tool you have.


I believe what you feed your mind is just as important as what you feed your body.


I believe that the D.A.R.T. Process will transform your mind, as it has already done for others in situations from the battlefield to the boardroom.

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I give back by paying it forward for others to propel their lives forward.
GySgt Ret Curtis Jones and Daryl Hill

Always remember where you've come from

Serving is a way of life for me and I still believe in the philosophy “No Marine left behind!” By donating my time to help fellow veterans receive help with releasing the emotions around PTSD it is the ultimate act of service. Having walked in the same boots I naturally have an ability to connect with empathy and compassion to help unlock the pain that has been suppressed for years. Whether it’s been a General, Major, Gunnery Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, Lance Corporal in the Marines or any service it’s an honor to still serve my fellow warriors.

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Family Man



U. S. Marine

It’s important to remember where you came from and how you got to where you are today.  For me it’s pretty simple I was blessed with a loving family: My Marines, Navy Football Brotherhood and my family.

For the road you walk you never walk alone there is always someone with you or watching because it’s in the toughest of times that build the character that molds you from clay to that bronze statue of what you are today.

My journey has been different from yours with different lessons and insights but, I remember how important it is to always stay humble and be grateful along the way.

For without the down times how would you appreciate the up times?  It’s always important to stop and smell the roses along the way or take the time out for a glimpse of a magnificent sunset.

It’s often the free things in life that are the most precious a child’s laughter or smile.  Holding your newborn child at birth or celebrating their accomplishments as they grow.

Hearing about how my fellow teammates are doing in life is always exciting whether it’s leading a Navy Seal team, guarding the president or flying him around it’s never a dull moment breaking bread with my brothers.

I’m just fortunate enough to have a supporting loving family because things have not all been peaches and gravy for me & them.  I’m learned in life it’s not whether you get knocked down it’s how fast you get back up on your feet.

Being courageous in life is not about just being a warrior on the battlefield it’s about standing tall about what you believe in when it’s not the popular choice.  

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